Felicia and Tracy



Felicia's handcrafted soaps, scrubs, essential oils and and other lovely goods keep our shop smelling lovely! She grows many of her ingredients locally here in Middlefield.


Tracy reclaims the furniture and other vintage decor you see in our shop. Giving new life to lost treasures is her passion!

Our vintage decor is a business grown from the appreciation for lifestyle environments full of heart and character. We seek out beautiful, old, weathered, interesting, unique items and allow them to find their way into all the furnishings we design. We love what we do and are so grateful for your support!

Enjoy superior skin care every day at a sensible price. Compare our handcrafted soaps to common bath bars. Your skin will know and show the difference. Enjoy our other skin-friendly products. We use mostly essential oils from plants trusted for centuries—herbs, spices and exotics, to provide splendid aromas and additional benefits.