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Full Circle Keep It Clean Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

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While cuddling is awesome, cuddling toothbrushes is another story.  This holder has a naturally absorbent Dry Earth disk at its base that eliminates stagnant water, mildew, and bacteria.  Keeping toothbrushes close- but not too close.

Dry Earth is a naturally absorbent material made from aquatic fossils found at the bottom of the sea.  Dry Earth absorbs excess water, keeping the containers dry while preventing bacteria and mold from growing.


- Removable bamboo divider keeps germs from spreading.

- Dry Earth absorbs water, preventing bacteria and mold.

- No-Slip Base

- No-Scratch Base

- Non-Toxic

- Earth Friendly Materials

- Intentional Design

Use & Care:

Ceramic is dishwasher safe.

Replace the Dry Earth every 6 months.


Description, Features, and Use & Care are courtesy of Full Circle Home, LLC.